Annales of 17th Congress of the AIHV

Pre-Roman and Hellenistic glass

An archaeological and scientific study of Mycenaean glass from Elateia-Alonaki, Greece - Kalliopi Nikita, Julian Henderson and George Nightingale

Socio-economic observations on the history of ancient glass  -  Dan P. Barag

Les premiers verres au natron retrouvés en Europe occidentale: composition chimique et chrono-typologie  -  Bernard Gratuze

Almonds, lobes, and ribs  -  Despina Ignatiadou

Did the Phrygians make glass?  Sources of molded glass at Iron Age and Hellenistic Gordion  -  Janet D. Jones

XRF analysis of 16th century BC transparent glass beads excavated from a hillside in northwest Saqqara, Egypt  -  Izumi Nakai, Kriengkamol Tantrakarn, Norihiro Kato, N. Kawai, A. Nishisaka and S. Yoshimura

Petrie at Amarna and Memphis - new observations on familiar sites  -  Paul T. Nicholson

Innovation and continuity in Bronze and Iron Age glass from Pella in Jordan  -  Wendy Reade, Ian C. Freestone and Stephen Bourke

Glass coffins and other transparent riddles  -  E. Marianne Stern

Roman glass

L'artisanat du verre à l'époque romaine sur le territoire helvétique dans le contexte des productions artisanales en général  -  Heidi Amrein                                                 

A hare-in-a-flask from Dion, Macedonia  -  Anastasios C. Antonaras

Glass vessels from Roman and early Christian Thessaloniki and its surroundings (1st century BC - 6th century AD)  -  Anastasios C. Antonaras

La vaisselle en verre d'apparence noire dans les provinces occidentales au Ier siècle AD  -  Peter Cosyns et Souen Deva Fontaine

Sainte-Menehould (FR) and Trier (DE): two Roman workshops of black glass jewellery in the northwest provinces reconsidered  -  Peter Cosyns

Black glass jewellery from Bracara Augusta  -  Mário da Cruz

Le verre du quartier des amphores panathénaïques à Erétrie (Eubée, Grèce)  -  Brigitte Demierre Prikhodkine

Nouvelles données sur la diffusion du verre à décor gravé en Italie du Nord (territoire de Pavia)  -  Maria Grazia Diani

Le mobilier en verre de la maison de la statuette indienne (I.8,5): contribution à l'étude socio-économique d'une insula de Pompéi  -  Souen Deva Fontaine

Les apports de verres de Méditerranée orientale, en Gaule méridionale, aux IVe et Ve siècles  -  Danièle Foy

The batch: its recognition and significance  -  Ian C. Freestone, Jennifer Price and Caroline R. Cartwright

Report on four Roman glass fragments from the Gorga Collection: identification to the 'Puteoli-Baiae' group  -  Yasuko Fujii

Special relationship between the glass finds from Carthage and Rome and comparisons with finds north of the Alps  -  Sylvia Fünfschilling

Glass production in the 1st century AD: insights into glass technology  -  Caroline Jackson, Jennifer Price and Christopher Lemke

Early Roman glass in context: Gamla (Gamala) destruction of 67 AD  -  Ruth E. Jackson-Tal

Zum Stil der Dionysos-Flasche von Hohen-Sülzen, eines Meisterwerk aus der Lynkeus-Werkstatt  -  Michael J. Klein

The glass of the shops of the Upper Agora of Sagalassos (SW Turkey)  -  Veerle Lauwers, Patrick Degryse and Marc Waelkens

Learning by hand; artifact consistency and craft tradition  -  Frances Liardet

La vaisselle en verre issue de contextes du IIIe siècle dans le Cher (France)  -  Anna Moirin

Étude diachronique des compositions de verres employés dans les vases mosaïques antiques: résultats préliminaires  -  Marie-Dominique Nenna et Bernard Gratuze

Ateliers de verre grave à Rome au IVe siècle AD: nouvelles données sur le verre grave "à relief négatif"  -  Lucia Saguì

Two painted glass jugs from the village of Khovle (Georgia)  -  Vakhtang Shatberashvili

Roman glass from the Fayum Oasis, Egypt  -  Flora Silvano

Vases de prestige et verrerie d'usage courant utilisés à Dax (Landes, France) au cours de la période gallo-romaine  -  Laure Simon

Verrerie gallo-romaine de Bordeaux (Gironde, France): le site du Cours du Chapeau Rouge  -  Laure Simon

Evidence for glass working from the Yasmina Necropolis at Carthage  -  Allison E. Sterrett-Krause

Analysis of Roman glass excavated from Zadar, Croatia, using a portable XRF spectrometer  -  Kriengkamol Tantrakarn, Norihiro Kato, A. Hokura, Yasuko Fujii, S. Glucevic and Izumi Nakai

Post-Roman glass

Fonds de verre islamique aux collections du Musée d'Archéologie de Catalunya  -  Teresa Carreras Rossell, Cristina Mur de Viu et Paloma Pastor Rey de Viñas

Chemical composition of early Islamic glass excavated in Raya, Egypt  -  Norihiro Kato, Izumi Nakai and Yoko Shindo Takahashi

Deposition, disposal and re-use of broken glass from Byzantine churches  -  Daniel Keller

Archaeological coloured glass cakes and tesserae from the Petra Church  -  Fatma Marii and Thilo Rehren

Byzantine mould-blown glass with depictions of a shrine  -  Martine S. Newby

Islamic glass excavated in Egypt: Fustat, Raya, and al-Tur al-Kilani  -  Yoko Shindo Takahashi

15th & 16th century glass

Glass in the Duchy of Brabant in late mediaeval and modern times  -  Danielle Caluwé

Technology of mediaeval and Renaissance glass in Tuscany (Italy): an interdisciplinary approach to the study of production indicators  -  F. Fenzi, Marja Mendera and P.A. Vigato

Apports et incidences de l'ouvre de Raymond Chambon sur l'histoire de la verrerie en Belgique  -  Janette Lefrancq

The Hedwig-beaker triangles: signs of origin  -  Rosemarie Lierke

Glass finds from recent archaeological excavations at el Catllar, Tarragona, Spain: preliminary report (15th - 17th century)  -  Teresa Medici, Marta Fontanals and Josep Zaragoza

The chemical practice of glassmakers in Renaissance recipe manuscripts: the dressing and treatment of raw materials  -  Cesare Moretti

The “Epistola Abbreviatoria”: a description of glassmaking in Renaissance Spain  -  David Whitehouse

16th & 17th century glass

Late 17th century English crystal glass  -  Colin Brain and David Dungworth

A cupboard and a basket with some glasses … a glass without a foot  -  Carolien De Staelen and Danielle Caluwé

The composition of late 16th century to early 19th century window glass: the Shaw House project  -  David Dungworth and Amanda Loaring

Made in late 17th century France?  New light on some unusual sick' glasses in the British Museum and the Wallace Collection  -  Suzanne Higgott

Glass bottles and jugs from the Monastery of Sta. Clara-a-Velha, Coimbra, Portugal  -  Teresa Medici, Filipa M. Lopes, Augusta M. Lima, M.A. Larsson and A. Pires de Matos

Material analysis of colourless lead glasses from a late 17th century glasshouse site in Groningen (The Netherlands)  -  Katharina Müller and Heike Stege

The large Catalonian ewer from the Glass Museum of Liège (2nd half of the 16th century - beginning of the 17th century): restoration and scientific analysis  -  Helena J.M. Wouters and Chantal Fontaine

18th to 21st century glass

La production de la Manufacture Royale portugaise du XXIIIe siècle et la continuité de types archaïques jusqu'au XXe siècle  -  Manuela Almeida Ferreira

English lead crystal and Ravenscroft's formulation: additional considerations on raw materials utilized and on batch melting temperatures  -  Cesare Moretti and Sandro Hreglich

English lead crystal and Ravenscroft's formulation: additional information from Venetian sources  -  Cesare Moretti and Paolo Zecchin

Lucien Wercollier, ou la droiture de la courbe  -  Frédéric Morin

Analyse de la production des cristalleries du Val Saint-Lambert (Seraing, Belgique) de 1911 à 1924, un document inédit  -  Anne Pluymaekers

Glaskunst und Glastechnik der Römerzeit als Vorbild - Historistische Gläser der Ehrenfelder Hütte der Mach-Art den Alten entsprechend'  -  Dunja Zobel-Klein

Stained glass & weathering

15th century stained glass windows in the former County of Flanders: a historical and chemical study related to recent conservation campaigns  -  Joost Caen, Olivier Schalm and Koen Janssens

Scientific assessment of the natural weathering sustained by stained glasses from the Cathedral of León (Spain)  -  Noemi Carmona, Manuel García-Heras, A. Robles and M.A. Villegas

Van Linge glass in the Cathedral of Christ Church, Oxford  -  M. Power and Andrew J. Shortland

Glass decoration & enamels

Les verres de la fouille de la Rue du Palais-de-Justice à Troyes (Aube)  -  Hubert Cabart

Emailbemalte Knöpfe aus dem Fichtelgebirge  -  Sibylle Jargstorf und Gerhard Zeh

Non-destructive analysis of enamelled 'façon-de-Venise' glass discovered in Morella (Castelló, Spain)  -  Sonia Murcia-Mascaros, C. Roldan, C. Falomir, I. Domenech, J. Carreras and R. Ibáñez

About Limoges painted enamels - chronological evolution of the glass chemical composition  -  Stefan Röhrs, Isabelle Biron and Heike Stege

The supply of "smalti" and other materials for the mosaics of the Vatican's "Fabbrica di San Pietro", from the 16th to the 18th century  -  Carlo S. Salerno and Cesare Moretti

Poldi Pezzoli's glass collection and Salviati's 19th century revival  -  Cristina Tonini

Venetian enamelled glass: a survey of tasks for future research  -  Dedo von Kerssenbrock-Krosigk

Technical study of Renaissance Venetian enamelled glass  -  Mark T. Wypyski


Protohistoric vitreous materials and synthetic analogues: study of chemico-physical and rheological properties  -  Ivana Angelini, Angela Polla and Gilberto Artioli

Sicilian early Byzantine glass finds: from analytical data to trade information  -  Rossella Arletti, S. Quartieri, G. Sabatino, M. Triscari, G. Vezzalini, C. Giacobbe and G. Tigano

Sr isotope studies of historical glasses and related materials: a progress report  -  Robert H. Brill and Paul D. Fullagar

On-site Raman identification of ancient / modern stained glasses at the Holy Chapel, Paris  -  Philippe Colomban and Aurélie Tournié

A new way to investigate plant ash glass production using radiogenic isotopes  -  Julian Henderson and J.A. Evans

Sr and Nd isotope evidence in the primary provenance determination of Roman glass from Sagalassos (SW Turkey)  -  Patrick Degryse, Jens Schneider, Veerle Lauwers, David De Muynck, Frank Vanhaecke, Marc Waelkens and Philippe Muchez

Traditional and automated classification of historic glass in the framework of the National Reference Collection  -  Erik Drenth, Jaap Kottman, Guus Lange and Hans Paijmans

Technological processes to produce antimonite opacified glass throughout history  -  Sophia Lahlil, Isabelle Biron, Laurence Galoisy and Guillaume Morin

Bactrian glass vessels in Korean tombs?  -  James W. Lankton, Insook Lee, Gyu-Ho Kim and Hyung-Te Kang

Thousand years of Venetian glass: the evolution of chemical composition from the origins to the 18th century  -  Marco Verità and Sandro Zecchin

The isotopic composition of Pb and Sr in ancient glass reflecting its provenance  -  K. Hans Wedepohl