Annales of the 15th Congress

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Table of Contents

Preface - Jennifer Price .pdf

The glass beakers ofNesikhons: a preliminary report - Birgit Schlick-Nolte and Rainer Werthmann .pdf

Glass and gold on Macedonian funerary couches - Despina Ignatiadou .pdf

Glass enamel on a 4th-century BC Macedonian gold wreath - Jeff P Maish and David A. Scott .pdf

Achaemenian glass production - Pavlos TriantafYllidis .pdf

Ancient glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: two recent acquisitions - C. S. Lightfoot .pdf

Punic two-faced masks - Teresa Carreras Rossell .pdf

Monochrome and polychrome plaques (inlays) in the British Museum
- William Gudenrath and Veronica Tatton-Brown .pdf

Composition and technology of mosaic vessel glass from the early Roman empire - Colleen P Stapleton .pdf

Kameoglaser mit Dionysischen Szenen aus Pompeji - Lucia Amalia Scatozza Horicht .pdf

The iconography of the Getty skyphos - Karal Wight .pdf

Roman glass from Newstead and Vindolanda - Birgitta Hoffman .pdf

Evidence for the production and use of opaque red glass in Roman Britain - Justine Bayley .pdf

New excavations at a Ptolemaic-Roman faience factory at Memphis, Egypt - P T Nicholson .pdf

La coupe Gallo-Romaine de Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres dans l'Aube, France - Hubert Cabart .pdf

Glassmaking and glassworking in six Roman factories in the Hambach Forest, Germany
- K. Hans Wedepohl, Wolfgang Gaitzsch, and Anna Barbara Follmann-Schulz .pdf

Die Produkte der Glashütten im Hambacher Forst - Anna-Barbara Follmann-Schulz .pdf

Glass finds from the north-eastem slope of the Palatine - Stephanie Smith .pdf

An iconographical study ofBaiae group flasks: are vaulted buildings fishponds or not? - Yasuko Fujii .pdf

Roman glass production in Slovenia - Irena Lazar .pdf

Prismatic glass bottles with Greek inscriptions from Arycanda in Lycia - Ahmet Tolga Tek .pdf

Glass from Ain et-Turba and Bagawat Necropolis in the Kharga Oasis, Egypt
- Marsha Hill and Marie-Dominique Nenna .pdf

Verreries de luxe de l'antiquité tardive découvertes à Douch, oasis de Kharga, Égypte
- Marie-Dominique Nenna .pdf

Kaniskia: glass and metal openwork lamps - E. Marianne Stern .pdf

Glass from an early medieval settlement in Switzerland - Sylvia Fünfschilling .pdf

Six-lobed Tang dynasty (AD 658) glass cups recently excavated in China - Takashi Taniichi .pdf

Primary glass sources in the mid 1 st millennium AD - Jan C. Freestone .pdf

Microanalysis of early medieval glass beads and its importance in archaeological research
- Vaclav Hulinsky and Eva Cerna .pdf

Between animal style and enamel painting: a Samanid relief-cut drinking glass in Leiden - Jef Teske .pdf

The use of glass as architectural decoration in the Islamic world - Stefano Carboni .pdf

Sorne problems in early Islamic glassware - Margaret 0 'Hea .pdf

Verres Omeyyades et Abbassides d'origine Egyptienne: les temoignages de l'archeologie et de l'archeometrie - D. Foy, M Picon et M Vichy .pdf

Glass production in al-Raqqa: experimentation and technological changes
- Julian Henderson and Sean D. McLoughlin .pdf

Early Islamic cameo glass in The Coming Museum of Glass - David Whitehouse .pdf

Roman, Sasanian, and Islamic glass from Kush, Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates: a preliminary survey
- Jennifer Priee and Sally Worrell .pdf

Glass bottles and vials from Tiberias - Ayala Lester .pdf

Early Islamic glass from Caesarea: a chronological and typological study - Rachel Pollak .pdf

Les Verres Islamiques de Qal' at Sem'an - Odile Dussart .pdf

Islamic glass finds from Raya, southem Sinai - Yoko Shindo .pdf

Les objets en verre trouves dans les tombeaux Coptes des epoques Fatimide et Ayyoubide,
Deir el-Naqlun, Egypte - Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert .pdf

A Syrian enamelled wine flask: was its owner a Christian or a Muslim? - Melanie Gibson .pdf

Mamluk and pseudo-Mamluk glass in the National Museums of Scotland
- Katherine Eremin and Ulrike Al- Khamis .pdf

Venetian glass pilgrim vessels found in Thessalonica - Anastasios Antonaras .pdf

Unravelling glass compositions: glassmaking raw materials at Little Birches, Staffordshire
- James W Smedley, Caroline M Jackson, and Christopher M Welch .pdf

The Mandeville Miniature: correct or faulty? - Fritz Seibel .pdf

Llubljana glassworks: technological analysis of medieval glass - Mateja Kos and Ziga Smit .pdf

Fourteenth-century polychrome Chinese glass found in south-east Asia - Brigitte Borell .pdf

The Renaissance glass and majolica services of the Cardinals Pucci - Martine S. Newby .pdf

Analyses of 18th-century central European colourless glass vessels
- Jerzy J Kunicki-Goldjinger, Joachim Kierzek, Aleksandra J Kasprzak, and Bozena Malozewska-Bucko .pdf