Minutes of the 2009 General Assembly of the Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV): September 25, 2009.

President Marie-Dominique Nenna called the meeting to order at 2:10 in the auditorium of the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The minutes of the previous General Assembly which took place in Antwerp in 2006 were approved by voice vote. Approximately half of the 157 Congress attendees were present when the meeting began. Dr. Nenna conducted the meeting in both English and French.

She reported the recent deaths of two long time members, Sarah Jennings of the Centre for Archaeology from Portsmouth, England and Claudia Maccabruni from Pavia, Italy. Dr. Jennings was an expert on Roman glass while Dr. Maccabruni specialized in the glass of northern Italy.

ANNALES 17 has been published by the Belgian Committee, who is thanked for this huge work. In fact, the volume has 700 pages, the lengthiest we've had. Copies were mailed about September 15 to all members paid up for 3 years as long as 2006 was included in the three. The ANNALES for the 15th and 16th Congresses in New York/Corning and London are out of print. There are still 40 copies of Vol. 14 with the Treasurer, and some earlier ones as well at Oxbow (vol. 6, 8, 10-13). The president proposed that we digitize the volumes which are out of print and put them on the website. She thanked The Corning Museum of Glass for keeping the AIHV archives in the Rakow Library and for the Secretary and her assistant's time. She also reported on the recent Board/Executive Committee meeting, composed of the board members, elected members and the representatives of the national committees, and read the names of those present. The Association Française pour l’Archéologie du Verre (AFAV) has requested to be the national committee for France and has been accepted. She would like to encourage the attendees from Australia, Switzerland and Slovenia to organize national committees as well.

She also reported on the Board meetings and on the Bursaries for the participation in the Congress which were given to Akin Ige, from Nigeria, Carolyn Swan from the U.S., Stéphanie Boulogne, Coralie Gradel and Laudine Robin from France, Rosella Arletti from Italy, Nadia Coutsinas from Greece, Rebecca Scott from the U.K., Elzbieta Greiner-Wronowa from Poland, Cristina Draghici from Romania, Fatos Tartari from Albania, René Ployer from Austria, and Gordana Jeremic from Serbia. Registration fees were waived for all, by the courtesy of the Greek Committee and they were granted, except Nadia Coutsinas who lives in Thessaloniki, awards for travel, lodging and meals. Except for Mr. Ige, Mr. Tartari and Mrs. Greiner-Wronowa, the recipients were graduate students.

To strengthen the links between the AIHV members, we would like to establish an information letter for books and exhibits, and Daniel Keller has been appointed to assume the editing as well as the mailing of this letter.

The General Secretary then presented a report on the membership which has 335 names in the database but only 229 currently paid up. She also reported on the website and its current maintenance.

The Treasurer reported on the finances of the organization. Currently the capital is 62,354 Euros but that is because the printing and distribution of the 17th ANNALES, and the bursaries and reserves for the 2009 ANNALES have not yet been taken into account. The president reported the gift of 500 euros from the widow of Joseph Philippe, the founder of AIHV. The Finance Control Committee has approved the Treasurer's report and the president called for its acceptance by the members, which was unanimous.

Jan-Egbert Kuipers made the following recommendations:

  1. The treasurer should not accept cash from the members at the Congresses, except when their countries don't have credit cards or bank transfers.
  2. Membership must be paid in advance of the Congress, not with registration, as has been done previously, but no later than July 1 of the year the Congress will take place. Those who don’t pay in advance will not get the reduced members’ registration fee for the Congress and they will miss the free distribution of a copy of the Annales.
  3. He suggests that the treasurer should in the future collect the members 3 year fees of all members in the same year, preferably in the conference year. The consequence will be once-only membership fee for two years by members due in 2010 and of one year by members due in 2011. As from 2012 all members pay for three years in the same year. These proposals were accepted.

Jan-Egbert Kuipers will step down at the end of 2009 and proposes Huib Tijssens as Treasurer in 2010 and after.

Marie-Dominique Nenna presented the official invitation from Irena Lazar and Prof. Mitjen Gustin from the University of Primorska (Piran) to have the 2012 Congress in Slovenia and this was unanimously accepted. She thanked the Treasurer for his decade of service, as well as Ian Freestone who steps down also.

She called for a vote on the board members. David Whitehouse and Despina Ignatiadou were reelected as Board members along with the president and the general secretary. Irena Lazar from Slovenia and Huib Tijssens were added to the Board as new members, vice-chair and treasurer respectively.

She also called for a vote on the members of the Executive Committee: Marianne Stern, Lisa Pilosi, Sylvia Fünfschilling, Maria Grazia Diani who are already members, as well as Fatma Marii, and Yoko Shindo, new members, were voted by acclamation of the members.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Shadel Spillman
General Secretary, AIHV