Minutes of the 16th General Assembly of the Association Internationale pour

l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV) held at Imperial College, London

on Thursday 11 September 2003.

Present: the Chair (Professor J Price), the Vice-Chair (Dr A Hochuli-Gysel), the General Secretary (Dr H Cool), the Treasurer (Mr J E Kuipers), Dr D Whitehouse, Ms A Vanlatum and 73 members.

Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous General Assembly, held at The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York on 19 October 2001 had been circulated before the meeting. Subject to amending Minute 2 to read ‘…had voted against change by 10 votes to 3’ (not 12 votes to 3), the minutes were approved as a correct record.

Chair’s business

The Chair reported that:

  1. the Annales of the 15th Congress had been dedicated to Mr Ernesto Wolf, long-standing member and benefactor of the AIHV, who had died in June 2003. The Chair had written to Mrs Wolf to express the condolences of the AIHV.
  2. Frides Laméris, who had helped to organise the Congress in the Netherlands in 1995, and Gladys Weinberg, an eminent glass scholar and a founder-member of AIHV, had both died since the 15th Congress.
  3. the Board of Management had met twice since the 15th Congress, once in London in December 2001 to arrange the transfer of records from the former General Secretary, Mr Keith King, to Dr Hilary Cool and to arrange for the future collection of AIHV subscriptions by the British Committee, and again on 8 September 2003, earlier in this Congress. Board members kept in regular touch by email and telephone.
  4. d the Executive Committee had met once, on 9 September 2003.
  5. the Association continued to operate without a paid secretariat.
  6. the AIHV Archives, which had been stored in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam since Dr. van Eck was the General Secretary, were to be transferred to the Rakow Library at The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York State, USA, where they would be permanently housed and professionally curated.
  7. thanks were due to the Corning Museum for the collection and preliminary editing of the papers for the Annales of the 15th Congress, and to Dr Hilary Cool and Peter Ellis for producing the volume, and to the anonymous readers for their comments on the papers submitted for publication. The Annales has become a refereed publication.
  8. the new Board would review the level of subscriptions, currently 52.5 euro for institutions, 31.5 euro for individuals and free for fulltime students in higher education (although they paid for a copy of the Annales if they wished to have one), and consider the possibility of variable rates for different countries.
  9. the two-year gap between the 15th and 16th Congresses had been very short and thanks were expressed to the British National Committee for managing to organise a Congress in that timescale.
  10. thanks were to be recorded to the many sponsors of the Congress.
  11. her personal thanks were recorded to her AIHV colleagues and in particular to the General Secretary, Dr Hilary Cool.

Report of the General Secretary for the years 2001-2003

The General Secretary reported that:

  1. she had taken on the role of combined General Secretary and secretariat as an experiment for a two year period and felt that it had been a success.
  2. the membership list had been moved from an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access database and the longstanding non-subscribers had been removed from the active database. Their records would be kept separately. In 2001 there had been 321 paid members, in 2002, 301 and in 2003 there were 372 (including those members whose national committees would pay the subscription during the year) and more people had subscribed since the beginning of the Congress. 92 members had paid for 2004 and 34 for 2005. Ten countries had more than ten members each. In total, 27 countries had one or more members. [A breakdown of members by type – individual, institutional and student – and by country was displayed.] Members were strongly urged the keep the General Secretary informed of any changes to their personal details so that the database could be kept up to date.
  3. two-thirds of the membership were contactable by email with considerable cost savings to the Association. One-third still needed paper copies of documents, including some who had email addresses but whose inboxes were too small to accept large volume mailings.
  4. thanks were recorded to Mr. David Crossley and Dr. Ian Freestone for processing the subscription payments made by credit card, a time consuming but effective method of payment.
  5. the website had been set up and the content written by the General Secretary. Ms Brigitte Demierre was undertaking the translation into French and an offer had been received to translate it into German. Thanks were recorded to Mr Mike Cooper of the Department of Engineering Materials at the University of Sheffield, who had designed and now maintained the website. A webmaster was now needed from within the membership of the Association. More material from members for the site would be welcome and links could be made to other sites on request.
  6. the Annales from the 15th Congress had been published in March 2003. 500 copies had been printed of which 400 had been distributed or sold to date.
  7. the General Secretary’s membership of both the Board of Management and the national organising committee for the Congress had been most effective and in future the General Secretary would be regarded as having that membership for practical purposes.
  8. thanks were due to the organisers of this Congress and in particular Ms. Martine Newby, the Congress administrator.
  9. thanks were also due to the other members of the Board of Management and in particular to the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Report from the Treasurer for the years 2001 and 2002

The Treasurer tabled his report and drew attention to the following:

  1. that 2001 had been a particularly good year financially because in a Congress year the maximum number of subscriptions were received. Back numbers of the Annales had been sold to Oxbow, giving a windfall income.
  2. that income in 2002 had benefited from receipt of additional subscription income paid by non-members attending the 2001 Congress and transferred from the USA organising committee to the AIHV in 2002.
  3. expenses had fallen since the Association had ceased to employ a professional administrator.
  4. the Association had capital of €41,455 in December 2001 and €45,888 in December 2002. Since that date the printing costs of the15th Annales had been received and the Treasurer now estimated that the capital stood at approximately €35,000, sufficient to finance the editing, printing and free distribution to members of the next Annales.
  5. the accounts had been checked by the one member of the Auditing Committee, Mr Pierre Stumper.

The General Assembly approved the accounts and thanked the Treasurer and the Auditor for their work.

Elections to the Board of Management and Appointment of Officers 2003-2006

The Vice-Chair, the General Secretary and one elected member, Ms Anne Vanlatum, were standing down and not offering themselves for re-election.

The Chair was standing down and not offering herself for re-election to the Chair. The Treasurer was offering himself for re-election.

The Board and Executive Committee recommended the following officers and members of the Board for 2003-2006:

These were approved by the General Assembly.

Election of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was made up of the Board, six elected members and a representative of each country with a National Committee. Two current elected members, Dr. Nenna (who would now be ex-officio) and Mr. H. Ricke were not available for re-election.

The following members were proposed and seconded as elected members:

These were approved by the General Assembly.

Election of the Auditing Committee

Mr. Stumper had been acting as the sole member of the Auditing Committee.

It was proposed and seconded that Mr. Stumper be re-elected along with Mrs. Danny Krier-Baldauff (secretary and treasurer to the Luxembourg national committee).

These were approved by the General Assembly.

<17th Congress in 2006

The Chair reported that a declaration of intent had been received from Belgium, where some members were currently conducting a financial feasibility study on holding the Congress in 2006. This would be a most appropriate venue as it would be 50 years since Joseph Philippe had started to organise the Association in 1956. The first Congress was held in Liège in 1958.

Some concern was expressed by other Belgian members as to whether they had sufficient infrastructure yet to support a Congress. However, others were optimistic about the outcome of the feasibility study, which it was hoped would be known by the end of November 2003 and a decision would be made on a formal offer soon afterwards.

The Chair reassured members that if the proposal failed to materialise, the Board would look for another venue.

During this discussion, conducted mostly in English, a plea was made for more account to be taken of the francophone members.

Plans for publication of the Annales of the 16th Congress

The General Secretary reported that the Annales would be prepared for publication by the British national committee with Dr. Cool as production editor. All presenters were invited to submit written papers in accordance with strict instructions on the format and by the deadline of 31 December 2003. Papers in the wrong format would be returned for amendment. Early submission would be welcome to allow for any further work required.

Authors were reminded of the need to submit a licence authorising publication of their work and stating either that the author owned the copyright of any illustrations or that the copyright owner had given permission for their use. Papers would be sent out for refereeing and authors would be notified by April, 2004 of any alterations required. Publication was scheduled for the end of 2004.

There were 130 possible contributions which would constitute a large and important volume.

Dr. Cool was thanked for her work in this area.

Any other business

A vote of thanks was moved from the floor to the organisers of a successful and enjoyable 16th Congress.