Minutes of the General Assembly of the Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV)

held at The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, on Friday 19th October 2001

Five Board Members, Jennifer Price, Chairman, Anne Hochuli-Gysel, Vice-Chair, Jan-Egbert Kuipers, acting Treasurer, David Whitehouse, Ann Vanlatum, and 79 members were present.

Apologies were received from Keith King, the Secretary General.

1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the previous General Assembly held in the Museo Correr in Venice on 28th October 1998 were circulated before the meeting. Subject to amending Item 6, list of elected members of the Executive Committee, by replacing Axel von Saldern with Erwin Baumgartner, and adding Helmut Ricke, the minutes were approved as a correct record.

2. Matters arising from the Minutes

Item 8c: The question of adopting further official languages within AIHV had been referred to the Board and the Executive Committee for resolution. The Board and the Executive Committee had both examined the issue, and the Executive Committee had voted against change by 12 votes to 3. It was therefore decided not to add to the three official languages [French, German and English] currently used by AIHV.

3. Chairman’s report

In the absence of the General Secretary, his business was included in this report.

The Board had met three times, in Antwerp in 1999, in Lochem in 2000 and in New York in 2001. The Executive Committee had met once, in Corning earlier in the week. Four members of the Board were present, along with Sylvia Fünfschilling, Marie-Dominique Nenna, Marianne Stern as elected members of the Executive Committee, and representatives of the National Committees of France (Marie-Dominique Nenna), Great Britain (Justine Bayley), Greece (Despina Ignatiadou), Israel (Yael Israeli), Luxembourg (Malou Georges), Poland (Jerzy Kuznecki-Goldfinger), and USA (Karol Wight). In addition, Lisa Pilosi represented the USA Organising Committee for the 2001 Congress.

The past three years had been a period of profound change for AIHV. In June 2000, Annet van Wiechen resigned as the Assistant Secretary and Editor of the Annales after 15 years in post. A vote of thanks for all her work on behalf of AIHV was proposed by David Whitehouse, seconded by Olive Jones and agreed by general acclamation.

The papers which had previously been stored in Annet’s home had now been dispersed. The back copies of the Annales, up to and including Volume 13, and the Bulletins had been sold, and were available from Oxbow Books, North End Place, Oxford OX1 1HN, UK [email: oxbow@oxbowbooks.com]. The stock of Volume 14 of the Annales was held by Jan-Egbert Kuipers in Amsterdam and could be ordered from him [email: j.e.kuipers@hccnet.nl].

The archive of AIHV was also held by Mr Kuipers, and the registered office is now at his address, Willemsparkweg 189, Amsterdam 1071 HA, Netherlands.

Keith King had developed a spreadsheet to hold all the membership information.

In the past three years the use of email had increased, and nearly 300 members now had given their email addresses to AIHV. This had greatly simplified the process of communication. It was anticipated that by 2003 up to 90% of members would have email addresses. As AIHV now functioned without a paid Secretariat, it was essential that communications became as simple as possible. Keith King had suggested that the General Secretary should be elected from the country hosting the next congress and closely associated with the Organising Committee. The USA Organising Committee had confirmed that this would greatly reduce duplication of effort. This change would result in the General Secretary being replaced every three years, so to provide continuity the Executive Committee had proposed that the outgoing General Secretary should continue to be a Board member for three years after stepping down.

Keith King had planned to set up an AIHV web site but had not been able to do so in the past three years. However, it was hoped that this would be set up in the near future and that it would provide information for everyone, though the success of this venture would depend on information about conferences, exhibitions, new finds and events being provided by members from different countries either through the national committees or individually. It was hoped that as many members as possible would contribute to the Web site as it should represent all the membership, their interests and activities. Offers of help from members to run the web pages were also invited.

Two of the officers, the Treasurer, Joh Krul and the Secretary General, Keith King have resigned. Both were thanked for their services to AIHV.

4. Acting Treasurer’s Report

The membership had risen from 450 to over 500 though some members had not paid subscriptions and so may have to be removed from the list. The 270+ members who had provided email addresses allowed AIHV to make significant cost savings when mailing out information. Other members were encouraged to use email as it helped reduce the pressure on the Treasurer and General Secretary.

None of the officers had claimed any expenses from AIHV over the last three years.

The subscriptions for 2001 had been adjusted to allow for the introduction of the Euro. The rates for one year were now 52.5Euros for institutions, 31.5Euros for individuals and 10.5Euros for students. There would be a 5% discount where payment was made for three years.

Some National Committees collected their subscriptions from their members and forwarded them to AIHV. This was a convenient method which the Acting Treasurer hoped might be copied by others.

The Acting Treasurer then took the meeting through the accounts. The AIHV accounts for the years 1998, 1999 and 2000 had been checked and approved by the one member of the Auditing Committee, Mr Pierre Stumper. The General Assembly approved the accounts and thanked the Treasurer, the Acting Treasurer and the Auditor for their work.

With 450 members each paying 31.5Euros, the annual income of AIHV in the future should be about 13,500Euros. Bank transfers were very expensive, costing about 8Euros which was over 20% of an individual subscription for one year and nearly 10% of an individual subscription for three years. Bank cheques were even more expensive and therefore would not be accepted in future. Members were strongly advised to pay their subscriptions by credit card as this method was both simple and cheap. The meeting supported the proposal that individual subscriptions should be paid by credit card only, provided that both Mastercard and Visa could be used. The Acting Treasurer agreed to arrange facilities for both credit cards to be used in future.

It was commented that we needed to increase membership of AIHV as the membership fee was currently very high and could be reduced with more members.

Sylvia Funfschilling noted that students could not get credit cards, which would make payment a problem for them. It was then suggested that membership for students should be free. This was proposed by Marie-Dominique Nenna, seconded by David Crossley and accepted by the meeting. The Board agreed to consult the Executive Committee to work out practical arrangements for free student membership.

5. Elections to the Board

Both Keith King, the General Secretary, and Joh Krul, the Treasurer, had resigned and were not standing for re-election. Jennifer Price, the Chairman, Anne Hochuli-Gysel, the Vice-Chairman, David Whitehouse and Ann Vanlatum had resigned and offered themselves for re-election.

The Board and the Executive Committee recommended Hilary Cool and Jan-Egbert Kuipers as candidates to replace Keith King and Joh. Krul.

All candidates were accepted unanimously

6. Election of Officers

The following appointments were proposed:

Chairman: Jennifer Price
Vice-Chairman: Anne Hochuli-Gysel
General Secretary: Hilary Cool
Treasurer: Jan-Egbert Kuipers

This was agreed unanimously.

7. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee was made up of six elected members plus a representative from each National Committee. The following elected members offered themselves for re-election:
Irwin Baumgartner, Sylvia Funfschilling, Marie-Dominique Nenna, Helmut Ricke and Marianne Stern, and Lisa Pilosi was nominated as a candidate for the one vacancy. This was proposed by Kathy Eremin, seconded by Olive Jones and agreed unanimously.

8. Auditing Committee

Pierre Stumper had consented to continue to act as independent auditor of the accounts. Jane Spillman proposed that the Executive Committee should nominate a successor if it became necessary, and this was agreed.

9. Publication of Annales of 15th Congress

David Whitehouse had arranged that The Corning Museum of Glass would edit the texts of the papers presented at the Congress and would provide the Board of AIHV with material ready for printing. All texts had to be received by 31st December 2001; late submissions would not be accepted. Clear instructions for authors had been provided and any work submitted in the wrong format would be returned for correction.

David Whitehouse and The Corning Museum of Glass were thanked for this generous support for AIHV.

10. The next Congress

The 16th Congress would be held in London from 8th-13th September 2003. All members were encouraged to attend.

Any other business

It was suggested that AIHV should send a video crew to film the speakers who could not travel to the Congresses. The AIHV policy that members offering papers were normally expected to attend the congress was reaffirmed.

It was suggested that the AIHV website should be linked to the web sites of other organisations concerned with the history of glass, particularly modern glass.

Ernesto Wolf was warmly thanked for his continuing support of AIHV and the publication of the Annales.